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Ski Touring in Norway.

Enjoy the beautiful landscape and amazing ski touring in Norway. Ski with the sea as a constant backdrop and experience the most amazing landscape you can imagine. Lofoten and Lyngen are beautiful places up in the north that offers great ski touring and scenery. In Lofoten I work with Nortern Alpine Guides and Lofoten Ski Lodge. Check it out, a really nice way to discover the Lofoten Islands.
I have also been spending alot of time arounde the magic peninsula of Lyngen, east or Tromsö.
Best ski touring in the world? I am still active, but also busy with med school. So if you are going Tromsö, or the area around it, contact my very good friend Magnus here.

Off piste in Chamonix.

Ski off piste in Chamonix and have the ski adventure of a lifetime. In this mythical mountain range you can find all levels of skiing. Everything from easy off piste introduction to some of the wildest accessible skiing on the planet.

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Ski Touring in Sweden.

The mountains up in northern Sweden offer fine ski touring. The valleys are big and the atmosphere wild.